Ether Legends Partners With the Silica neXus Project

Convergence is pleased to announce our first game partner of 2019: Ether Legends. A collectible card game with both a physical and digital component, their digital items will appear in our Prize neXus.

“What excites me the most about the Ether Legends and Silica Nexus partnership is the opportunity to help bridge the gap of the intricacies of Blockchain and gaming through seamless interoperability,” says Co-founder of Elementeum Games Curran Mulvihill.

“The fact that physical kiosks will be introduced to the market in a user friendly format, means one step closer to mainstream and wide-spread usage. I believe the Nexus and featured gaming assets (like Ether Legends TCG) will further the understanding of player benefits using Blockchain tech, while enabling crypto-gaming companies a way to acquire new players. Through an easy to use interface, players will have a more clear understanding of the true value in ownership of digital assets, giving the power back to the player!”

Welcome to the neXus, Ether Legends! You can read more about Ether Legends and check out additional assets here.

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