Start an XRC Club

A Cross-Reality Crypto Club’s (XRCC) purpose is to advance the combined ecosystem of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Simulators, AI, IoT, consumer games, and Out of Home Entertainment. Anyone who has an interest in one of these areas will see the inevitable CONVERGENCE of all of them happening around us. This Club is for like-minded people interested in the future of this CONVERGENCE.

Benefits of Joining the Club: Learning

  • Economists – who understand true game economies at scale
  • Business development – Partnerships, Marketing, and trade show event planning
  • Artists – Sound, 3D modeling, graphic design, story boarding, and interactive theater productions
  • Developers – Unity, Unreal, Cryengine, iOS, Android, C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Solidity.

Host a Club

Convergence will sponsor the your club chapter with 1,000,000 Droid Tokens after we see it is properly set up and has hosted its first meeting. Convergence will consider renewing that sponsorship periodically if your chapter properly uses those Droid Tokens to promote the club, Droid Tokens, and Convergence’s business.

Members owe 1,000 Droid Tokens -OR- $20 as dues monthly – Dues are waived if the members fulfill the requirements of:

  • 2 hours a week of work toward Club’s projects
  • Attend at least 2 meetings a month -OR- signup 10 new recruits who fulfill those minimum requirements each – OR – Sell 10,000 Droid Tokens at no less than $0.02 each from the club’s treasury. This money goes towards Club’s projects and overhead.


  • Labor is paid at 1,500 Droid Tokens an hour – (Subject to change once on the exchanges – based on $0.02 per Droid) – Members get paid for hours worked toward monthly dues.
  • Commission for signing up recruits is 1,000 Droid Tokens
  • Commission for selling Droid Tokens for Club is 10%

**Note: All subject to change as Club and market evolves. All the above regarding hosting a club are simply suggestions to help clubs be more successful.

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