Player Acquisition Engine

Player Acquisition As A Service (PAAAS)

In 2014 Convergence set out to build what has been described as the Holy Grail of gaming. It’s been called many names over the years like Metaverse or Multiverse and was recently eloquently captured as “The Oasis” in the popular film and novel Ready Player One. A very lofty goal Convergence named the Silica neXus Project, will take years of development and billions of dollars to realize.

What is interesting is how Convergence will achieve this lofty goal while generating profit on the journey. Convergence is creating a “Player Acquisition Engine” (“PAE”).  The PAE is a Player-Acquisition-As-A-Service (PAAAS) solution for on-boarding millions of players to Convergence’s entertainment partners through Video Game Collectable Items on the Blockchain (Crypto Collectables or Non-Fungible Tokens “NFTs”). The revenue stream from the PAE will be used for growth and for further development of the project.

The Silica neXus Project has always been about combining the Consumer Game Industry (the home, mobile, console, PC) with the Out-Of-Home Entertainment Industry (Arcades, Family Entertainment Centers “FECs” and Theme Park Attractions) and breaking down their walled gardens in the process.

Convergence will build its “Player Acquisition Engine” in two stages. Both stages of the “Player Acquisition Engine” are revenue producers for Convergence. Profits from phase one will fund phase two. Further profits from these activities will then be reinvested into building the CORE Silica neXus Cross Reality platform (Phase 3) and tools for 3rd party developers to expand their content into XR (the SDK and APIs).

Convergence began field tests of the PAE in late 2019. Debut the Prize neXus and Trade Binder App at IAAPA in November 2019 and received a tremendous response. Convergence installed the first Prize neXus Digital Vending Machine late February 2020, in New Rochelle NY the same week of the COVID-19 Outbreak. 

The PAE Stage One

Convergence has created a Player-Acquisition-Engine (PAE) backend with three access points. These access points are 1) the Prize neXus, 2) the neXus Trade Binder App, and 3) the online neXus Marketplace. The main driver leverages our partner’s existing card swipe technology which currently facilitates tens of millions of unique player trades (between arcade prize tickets and physical prizes) each month. Here we are giving players a far better option then what is currently available in the arcade prize centers.

  1. The Prize neXus is poised to disrupt the redemption center prize market by offering digital prizes, or Crypto Collectibles, in the form of collectible Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the place of traditional prizes. These prizes are collectible, i.e. CryptoKitties, and can be directly from a video game that players can play with in game, i.e. Gods Unchained. The Prize neXus is a touch screen display run by a small computer connected to the internet. Convergence just provides the software as we already have relationships with the top industry manufacturers, distributors, locations and service providers who will handle the small hardware requirements.  Customers will be able to use the interface to choose and purchase the digital prizes and immediately send them to their neXus Trade Binder, thus capturing the player.
  2. The neXus Trade Binder App allows the player to take their prize home and for the first time, trade their video game assets with their friends outside of the confines of the game. This is exactly how they currently trade Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering cards at school during breaks.
  3. The online neXus Marketplace allows the players to buy, trade, or sell their NFTs from our web portal.

Prizes will also be available for direct purchase in the app and in the marketplace using our Droid Token. Users will be able to move prizes into their favorite video games via the app and marketplace.

The Droid Tokens have already been created and a deal is in place to bring them to the exchanges once the Prize neXus goes live in partner locations.

The PAE Stage Two

Once the local communities around partnering FECs are seeded with players who have the neXus Trade Binder Apps, then Convergence will roll out the Second Stage of the “Player Acquisition Engine” – S.A.R.A. (Silica neXus Augmented Reality App). This will be a software update to the existing neXus Trade Binder App.

S.A.R.A. will use proven game quest mechanics (think “Pokémon Go with a purpose”) to drive players to the FECs and other retail outlets on demand, creating foot traffic for our Brick’s & Mortar partners and marketing for our Game Studio Partner’s new games.

Value Proposition (Investors)

The value proposition Convergence brings investors is a compilation of team, partners, and industry trends.

Convergence will be aligned with a combination of key emerging Crypto Collectable technologies in a consumer facing retail platform, the Prize neXus, combined with a long-term content strategy, Silica neXus project, that will leverage that tech to its ultimate entertainment experience.

Silica neXus management team makes up a robust marketing division team and partnerships across alliance senior marketing support. The management team has led fiscal returns, media, consumer and major brand campaigns and launches for world class companies within and outside of the gaming space.

Working from a layered campaign and escalated/exponential growth model, Silica neXus creates and leverages massive response rates across each campaign, engagement and market program:

Success for Silica neXus means an upward spiral of managed crowd expectations: great marketing = positive buzz = successful crowd sourcing development of virtual goods = successful sales of virtual goods = more marketing dollars = (repeat for 4 years) = Millions of players/fans social networks pushing the game for the launch and continued future success.

Value Proposition (Developers)

Convergence gives developers access to the Silica neXus PAE for them to adopt new players quickly with little upfront cost, time, industry expertise, or marketing. As the Prize neXus puts their video game assets directly in the hands of potential new users, we greatly accelerate pushing past the hardest part: player acquisition. Along with our XR technology tools, industry expertise, additional developers to help with projects, and professional QA Convergence will have the reach to propel their projects forward at light speed.

Additionally, Convergence can help create new revenue streams, provide funding, and will market these projects and video game items along with the developer. Our platform is built with one thing in mind: all boats rise with the tide. We provide a longer runway for projects to reach their full potential.

Value Proposition (Bricks & Mortar Partners)

Convergence gives Bricks & Mortar Partners foot traffic. Again, access to the Silica neXus PAE allows for them to adopt new players quickly without upfront costs, industry expertise, to constantly evolve new content, new revenue streams, marketing and funding. Our Prize neXus offers multiple solutions to problems that have existed for decades:

  • Shrinkage: since the prizes we offer have no physical form they are much harder to steal.
  • Broken prizes: again, without items being something a customer can mishandle, it is impossible for an item to be damaged and replaced at the facility’s cost.
  • “Stale”/Mismatched prizes: every facility has found the odd item that just doesn’t move well or goes out of season. No more: Crypto Collectibles that don’t move will simply be phased out. Since payment between the facility and Convergence only happens once a customer purchases an item, facilities have nothing to lose!
  • Ever missed a quick fad that could have moved more items? Not a problem for the Prize neXus: those items can be tokenized and inserted into your system at lightning speed.
  • Storage is always a premium at fun centers: why keep boxes stacked to the ceiling, let alone risk running out of a hot item? The Prize neXus won’t run out of product and digital items take up zero physical space in your stock room.

Additionally, our Crypto Collectibles are sure to bring new customers into your center. Since we can market directly to the player, we can drive additional revenues by offering appealing product to customers you would normally never acquire!

Value Proposition (Gamers)

Convergence gives gamers access to exciting new experiences and ways to interact with their friends across multiple games while incorporating cutting-edge immersive technologies; first through the Prize neXus, then through S.A.R.A., and finally through full Cross-Reality Entertainment.

Convergence will be the first comprehensive cross screen/cross reality MMO covering the consumer game market, from Casual Web games, MMOs, PC/Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles, Arcades, LBEs to the ultimate in Theme Park Attractions, while allowing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Standard Reality Interfaces into the gaming universe.

Convergence is comprised of pioneers in the fields of Video Games (consumer, Arcade, and LBEs), Augmented Reality Virtual Reality, MMORPGs, Simulations, and much more. We are developing proprietary technology for multi-user cross-platform virtual worlds and augmented reality, computer vision tracking and mapping, and intuitive interaction interfaces.

No other game is attempting anything remotely close to Silica: Nexus’ scope, goals, or innovation across screens or cross reality interfaces.

  • Scope: First Cross-Platform / Cross-Reality based Virtual Universe combining diverse experiences from all interfaces into one everlasting universe
  • Goals: Take over planet Earth through mankind willfully enslaving themselves in Silica neXus or at least build the largest game project ever conceived with a cult-like following through the combination of the social engagement tools from Managed Crowd Sourcing and Crowdfunding efforts
  • Innovation: First use of contextual based interfaces allowing different device dependent entertainment experiences from both personal devices and out-of-home attractions into one game universe.


We know there are fans that have been burned by other crowdfunding projects, and we’re really sorry you had to go through that. The Convergence team knows how to make quality games, we know how to finish them, and we have no intention of letting you down.

Game development is not without risk, though. We’re building an all-new code base that allows for integration of assets, maps, play-styles, and XR capabilities, with lofty visual and game play goals. We know that really nailing the feel of Silica neXus will take time and iteration. We’ll need new team members, too, but we’ve proven that we have a pretty damn good track record for hiring talented, dedicated people who go the extra mile.

So, the standard game development caveats apply. Some new features may take longer to make than we thought. Some piece of game play may not be as fun as it sounded on paper and we’ll need to revise it several times until it works.

But that’s part of the fun of making games.

Hit Driven Business

Entertainment is a hit-driven business. As in any hit-driven business, content is king and finding the right content, i.e. the Halo for your Xbox network or the Angry Birds for your mobile game network is a constant challenge for all companies in the game industry. Once a new platform finds that smash hit, the other content on that system experiences the network effect of all the new players flocking to the system. Tim Chang of the Mayfield Fund once said. “It’s about distribution power. If content is king, then distribution power is God Almighty.” SXVU is the distributor of XR experiences. SXVU project has several advantages to attack the finding infectious content challenge.  Convergence team member Paul Baker has worked on or directed the teams that have created over 20 of the top selling AAA consumer titles in the world, he will leverage his skill set by transferring knowledge as well as guiding a very large 3rd Party Developer network to develop many SXVU experiences. This effort will be aided by the wealth of experience of  Kevin Bachus. As Microsoft’s first director of third-party relations for Xbox, Kevin secured support for Xbox from all major game publishers worldwide and created and managed the programs and processes that would ultimately lead to the strongest software line-up ever for the launch of a game console. The funds from a successful Crowdfunding Campaign will help to drive strong content creation for the SXVU.

3rd Party Management

The management of the 3rd party development teams will pose a large challenge to the success of the SXVU. Fortunately, Convergence team member Kevin Bachus’ experience creating the Xbox developer network will be a great asset to overcome this challenge. By leveraging the funds raised in the Crowdfunding Campaign and promoting team managers that demonstrate quality leadership skills from the developer network, Convergence has confidence we can succeed here.

Technology Issues

In any major network project of this size, you will run into severe technological challenges. The Convergence team has navigated the launch of many of the major technological advances and associated challenges that threaten success for more than 25 years for the top companies with the largest user bases in the world. Experience teaches us that smart minds with proper resources at their disposal can meet the challenges head on when they arise.  We have the fortitude to “do whatever it takes” to succeed. Convergence’s team leveraged by the combined mind share of a strong 3rd party network has the best chance of overcoming the inevitable unforeseen technological challenges the SXVU will create.


How do you compete with 50K new digital experiences a week? This is a challenge for every new title to come to market, and exceptionally so for Independent Game Studio Startups. Convergence partnered with TVA Media Group for this reason. Machine Zone proved with Game of War: Fire Age it can be done with a herculean marketing campaign driven by deep pockets.  Jeffery Goddard was added as an advisor because the company he founded has over 30 years of proven success. More than working with top clients such as Universal, Pepsi, MasterCard, Sony, and Toyota, TVA assisted achieve over 140M players. The TVA partnership multiplies Convergence’s marketing dollars 8-fold. Convergence will use some of the Crowdfunding Campaign proceeds to start a positive upward spiral of reinvesting a portion of revenue into marketing, thus allowing us to compete in the entertainment space with the larger established companies.

Universal Economy Balancing

Just like every nation’s economy and how they combine to affect the world economy, virtual game economies can rise or fall based on a multitude of variables and user perceptions. Group psychology and mob mentality played a major role in the 1920’s stock market crash that began the great depression. Emmerson Galfo will hire a strong team of economists and social psychologists to ensure the SXVU universal economy is constantly strong and thriving.

Community Management / User Expectations

A large thriving engaged user community is the lifeblood of modern businesses, and exponentially so for entertainment networks. It’s critical that the users in our VU become engaged and entertained. As with the economy, both individual and group psychology play a major role. Convergence is fortunate to have Ron Meiners, who mastered the art with some of the largest entertainment online communities to date.

Content Quality Assurance

QA will be a Tom Roe concern with all aspects of the project. The SXVU should be synonymous with quality entertainment. QA is a challenge for every product and company. Convergence is not only concerned with its development, but the assets of the entire 3rd party developer network. At the end of the day it all reflects back on Convergence. In the above Silica neXus Development Array Cycle, QA is ingrained into the design, development and submission of all assets in the project. Paul Baker will design and oversee the process, but it will be executed by external professional QA companies with tight guidelines and high standards. No asset will be accepted until it meets those standards. Throughout the entire process, the developer network will act as an added layer of QA testing the system every step of the way.