Convergence 4D Announces Partnerships with Crypt-Oink: Racing Friends and Ether Legends to Bring Crypto-Collectibles to Family Entertainment Centers

WHAT: Convergence 4D is pleased to announce their partnerships with Crypt-Oink: Racing Friends and Ether Legends connecting crypto-collectibles to Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) through a tokenized prizing platform called the “Prize neXus”. The partnerships aim to bridge the gap of games with blockchain technology by allowing developers’ digital game assets to be won as prizes in theme parks, arcades, and other location-based entertainment.

Prize winners will be able to choose from Crypt-Oink’s 3D Collectible Racing Pigs,”Crypton”, or Ether Legends’ character trading cards. In addition, a variety of crypto-collectibles from other games empowered by non-fungible tokens will be available such as upgrades, video game skins, special weapons, armor, and special characters. Afterwards, prize winners will be able to buy, sell and trade their crypto-collectibles using DROID tokens on a peer-to-peer marketplace web portal and via mobile app. The Prize neXus is part of the Silica neXus project and is powered by a proprietary technology solution that connects players to entertainment partners called the “Player-Acquisition-Engine”.


  • Andrew Prell, CEO at Convergence 4D, has pioneered software and hardware design and development in commercializing gaming and virtual reality technology since the early 1990s
  • Kevin Bachus, Advisor at Convergence 4D, is the Senior Vice President, Entertainment & Games Strategy at Dave & Buster’s
  • Bernie Stolar, Board Committee Member at Convergence 4D, formerly the President of Sega of America, Mattel Interactive and Atari
  • Kazuhisa Inoue, Founder and CEO of Good Luck 3 (creators of Crypt-Oink), best known for his work on Gudetama series with roughly four million downloads and “Ariel Legends” with two million downloads
  • Curran Mulvihill, Co-Founder and Business Development Director at Elementeum Games (creators of Ether Legends), is a gamer, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast since 2010

WHEN: The anticipated public rollout of the Prize neXus is in early 2020.

WHERE: The first Prize neXus will be installed as arcade kiosks with touch screen displays in Singapore at participating FECs followed by other locations. Convergence 4D is conducting an IEO on LA Token until August 20, 2019 at 12:00 a.m. EST HERE (Europe and Asia only). Stay informed of updates about the Silica neXus project at

Jade Hirtle
PR at Convergence 4D
[email protected]

About Convergence 4D: Aims to be the first comprehensive Cross-Reality Virtual Universe (XR-VU) combining the consumer game market with the arcade and out-of-home entertainment market, also referred to as the Silica neXus project. Enjoy different ways of interacting with your friends from your one account that spans across Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles, PCs, Arcades, LBEs and the ultimate in Theme Park Attractions; all with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Standard Screen Interfaces intertwined into one virtual universe, where each planet is a completely different game/experience. For more information please go to

About Crypt-Oink: Racing Pigs: Japan’s first blockchain game on the Ethereum network featuring crypto-collectible digital pigs called Cryptons that can be bred, collected and traded. There are over 36 quadrillion possible permutations of these pig-like creatures, with various colours and patterns. Cryptons can also be trained to augment parameters affecting their strength in “Gran Ton Rismo”, Crypt-Oink’s 3D racing game. The blockchain game was created by Good Luck 3, the Japan-based developer behind popular games such as Gudetama Quest. Crypt-Oink can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices. For more information please go to

About Ether Legends: Elementeum Games is behind the Ether Legends Trading Card Game, featuring the merging of physical to digital trading cards on the Ethereum network (via: QR code one-time redemption) with engaging gameplay and astonishing artwork. As part of the Ether Legends ecosystem, Elementeum tokens can be obtained and used to perform specialized, on-chain mechanics that enable the creation of unique, player-owned crypto-collectibles — through a function called, ‘Forging.’ Ether Legends has also announced their intent to integrate Enjin primary through their digital trading card game and in-game rewards system! For more information please go to

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For digital assets, please click this link HERE.

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