Run a Content Acquisition Pool

Ten Token Based Content Acquisition Pools (Gamified VCs)

Purpose: Each deal has these benefits: Ecosystem Development, Token Distribution, Cross Pollination Marketing, Community Building, Revenue. This page is the HOW we are setting up and running these 10 Pools, The Virtuous Circle of a Token Based Investment Fund is the WHY. 

Rationale: in a cash-based acquisition pool, if an acquisition goes viral, it benefits that one acquisition. In a token-based content acquisition pool, if an acquisition goes viral, it benefits the entire ecosystem. Fiat does not grow in value exponentially when more people find utility with it, tokens do. 

Convergence is setting up 10 pools with 10B DROID tokens in each pool to invest into projects that benefit the Silica neXus ecosystem. The real improvement to the old Pool Creation process here comes at the start and end of the process. First, with the time savings of an instant token injection and second, at the end of the process, with the Ready-Made Exit into the Silica neXus ecosystem. This creates a Virtuous Circle for our Tokens -AND- it on-boards thousands of users to the startups while they are building their projects. The DROID token allocations must be to benefit the Silica neXus ecosystem, which encompasses Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Simulators, AI, IoT, consumer games, and Out of Home Entertainment. There have been $1B pools set up in the past just to invest into sub-sections of our total ecosystem.

Rules of the Game:

The Selected Startups/projects will receive 10,000,000 to 500,000,000 tokens each. They can only use or trade up to 10% of their holdings or 1,000,000 tokens a month, whichever is more. They must show a benefit of no less than $0.02 per DROID. Each Startup can receive these tokens from more than just one pool i.e. the Crowd Fund can deploy 10M to them and 5 of the others could release 30M to them. In that example, that Startup would have a total of 160M tokens to supplement and help their project.

A Pool Manager must own and hold at least 200M of our tokens as their “Skin in the Game” while they manage the pool. This properly aligns their motives to those of the rest of the ecosystem and shows they believe in the ecosystem’s long-term success.

The Game:

Startups submit a video and a Google Doc application to the Crowd. They engage with the Crowd via our forums, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter and any other social media channel they can think of to sway our Crowd to vote for them. Every week the Crowd votes on how to deploy 2B tokens to their favorite projects. They vote on each project one at a time. Then vote on the amount to deploy to them from 10M to 500M tokens each. Once the 2B is used up, the remaining projects must wait until the next week while they try to grab the attention of our crowd.

In the meantime, the Pool Managers can participate in this process because they are token holders. However, they can also be approached individually by the projects. The Pool Managers get to set their own personal selection process and have the advantage of reviewing the crowd’s selection process.

Every month the Crowd gets to vote on each of the 9 Pool Managers to award them an extra (2%/12) in management fees for their participation, engagement and effect on the process. At the end of the year the pool that has profited the most from their deployment of their tokens, receives an extra 10% to their carry. (Their carry goes from 20% to 30%)

The Crowd gets to participate in the 2% management fees of its pool based upon their involvement in the selection process, voting and management of their portfolio projects.


Learn, Improve, Reiterate this process — to create a better world for our ecosystem.

Apply For Token Injection

Please explain how your project will benefit our ecosystem.

Apply to Manage A Pool

Please provide your experience in the entertainment field and managing projects.