Our Team


The Convergence team is comprised of industry pioneers in several areas from video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, massively multi-user online role-playing games, simulations, arcade games, location-based entertainment, and more. We have founded multiple professional industry organizations and provided executive level consulting for leading companies in all the above industries, including theme park attractions and design. 

Our unique backgrounds and experience as industry leaders gives Convergence a tremendous advantage and differentiation from potential competitors. Decades of experience and unparalleled expertise puts Convergence ahead of the curve. We have accomplished things that others are only beginning to think about. 

Convergence’s depth and breadth of knowledge and contacts throughout the range of industries and companies, Silica neXus will bring together well-known entities in creating this cross-screen, cross-reality project.

The project is led by:

Andrew Prell, CEO, creator of Wolfenstien VR, Cybertag, Xenomorph VR, the Reality Rocket and the Brainwave Joystick patent. Creator of the underpinnings of the Silica neXus Blind Device Communication Theory and Contextual-Based Interfaces.

Paul Baker, Senior Director of Convergence. Paul has worked on critically-acclaimed AAA titles such as Assassins Creed 3, Quake III, Star Wars Battlefront I, Star Wars Battlefront II, Mercenaries I, Jurassic Park 3, Star Trek Away Team, Soldier of Fortune I, Battlezone II, Dark Reign II, Civilization Call to Power, Heavy Gear II, Heretic II, Return to Zork, along with many others.

David Bishop, Former Chief Operating Officer of NAMCO USA, helped found and establish NAMCO’s out-of-home entertainment business in North America, working with everything from commercial video games to virtual reality simulators like Virtuality and Magic Edge to large scale entertainment destinations. Responsible for creating over 1,400 Namco Entertainment Centers.

Tom Roe, Creative Director, part of the team that created Wolfenstien VR, Cybertag, Xenomorph VR, and the Reality Rocket, Tom is a published author, and creator of the Silica Sci-Fi novel series by T. A. Roe on Amazon.

Ron Meiners, Community Director, EA: TheSims, THQ, Turner, Ubisoft, Burning Man, Multiverse.net, Hollywood Interactive. Community strategy and design, social media messaging and engagement, social media metrics and analysis, building brand loyalty, long-term brand partnerships, online and interactive marketing, productive community interactions, online social dynamics, emergent behavior, user-created content, and the interplay of user experience and social identity online.

Frank Ballouz, Out-of-Home Entertainment Director: Early Atari, Nintendo, Namco, and More. National Sales and Marketing Mgr at Atari. After Nolan Bushnell left Atari, Frank transitioned to Nintendo USA. Also CAPCOM, FABTEK, and much more.

Ryan McQuillen, SVP Ecosystem Improvement, Lazer Blaze, Lasertag.com by Zone, International Laser Tag Association, Laserforce, AirMaxx Trampoline Parks, and more. Ryan has spent the last two decades in laser tag and FEC management: his experience in FEC management and deep ties to the laser tag and theming industry bring a unique energy to the growth of our ecosystem and creation of our products.

Emerson Galfo, CFO, American Micro Detection Systems, Innovative Bank (acquired), Quicksort Inc., Fat Red Couch, RipplFx, Inc., Confidential High Net worth Family Office.

John Canning, Advisor, NBCUniversal, Disney, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco, and Others

Kevin Williams, Advisor, KWP Consultant, Founder at DNA Association & Conference. Part of team that created DisneyQuest.

Kevin Bachus, Advisor, SVP Entertainment & Games Strategy at Dave & Buster’s. Project manager creating DirectX. Part of team that created the Xbox.

Brad Yasar, Advisor, Entrepreneur, investor, mentor, who has started and bootstrapped several companies. Brad is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Krowd Mentor, a strategic crowdfunding advisory firm focusing on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and token powered organizations.

Bernie Stolar, Advisor, FMR. President Sega of America, FMR. President Mattel Interactive, FMR President of Atari

Keith Teare, Advisor, Executive Chairman at Accelerated Digital Ventures, co-founder of TechCrunch, ICObox Advisor.