Blockchain  vs  The VC

I have spent a great deal of time lately pondering the blockchain and its uses to benefit the universe. I have been drinking from this firehose of Blockchain information daily since August of 2017; however, my first exposure to it was hanging out with Jered Kenna of TradeHill in 2011/2012. Jered did his best to get me on the bandwagon back then and I could see its merits and uses but was too deep into my own thing — at the time I was preparing (at the time it was called Agora Startup Idol). was like an online Tournament Shark Tank with a NCAA style 64-team bracket where everyone, including the judges, participated via video conferencing from anywhere around the world.

Jered did try and convince me to build a reward system into the online event based upon this new thing called Bitcoin. Bitcoin was around $2 at the time, added a new layer of complexity to an already overly complex production, and besides, we had no budget. As the saying goes — if I had only known then what I know now……

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