The World of Silica neXus

What is Silica neXus?

Silica neXus is an XR Virtual Universe experience and it’s a portal to many other XR experiences developed by 3rd parties.


Based on the Silica: novel series by T.A. Roe, the experience is set in the Silica Virtual Universe on the other side of the dimensional veil from our universe. We can only see it, interact with it and travel around in it through telepresence technology, (disguised as AR, VR and standard game equipment), given to us by the Mythilae (this is the plural form of Mythilaen), allied aliens who interact with us through the Aether Realms.

The conflict mankind has been thrust into is the war between the Mythilae and the Maitre. Within the aetherrealms there is a form of energy which is both particle and wave that is essentially quantum in nature. This material is what makes up not only all things within the aetherrealms, but all things within the world and universe around us. Just as a person could dissolve a rock and extract a valuable resource such as gold or diamond on this side of the veil, within the aether, you can do the same with objects or creatures, which converts them into a useful source of energy and material. This aether goo can be found and collected during and after a battle. This type of interaction is a key aspect of the neXus portal combat featured in our AR application. It can be traded and used to develop aethertech or power aethertech devices once it has been refined into derivative materials.

The Maitre seem bent on acquiring and consuming all known resources in the aetherrealms and destroying anyone or anything that tries to stop them. Mankind has unintentionally broken the veil between dimensions. Fortunately, the Mythilae discovered the tear first. They came to warn us and recruit our best warriors to help them battle the NE.

However, some of us humans are not satisfied with the freely available gifts given to us and instead seek other access points and contacts. These rogue elements within the Terran Defense forces have created concern among our ranks. They have taken the new technologies and used them as a way to garner favor with other groups. This has not gone entirely unnoticed by the Counsel; however, these nefarious activities are difficult to track and even more difficult to stop. These factions have established unsanctioned bases on worlds by hitching rides with illegal interstellar trade merchants, spies and even pirates. We are concerned that this might someday return to bite us in the ass but little can be done save keep a wary eye for any sign of trouble.