The Projects

Player Acquisition As A Service (PAAAS)

In 2014 Convergence set out to build what has been described as the Holy Grail of gaming. It’s been called many names over the years like Metaverse or Multiverse and was recently eloquently captured as “The Oasis” in the popular film and novel Ready Player One. A very lofty goal Convergence named the Silica neXus Project, will take years of development and billions of dollars to realize.

What is interesting is how Convergence will achieve this lofty goal while generating profit on the journey. Convergence is creating a “Player Acquisition Engine” (“PAE”).  The PAE is a Player-Acquisition-As-A-Service (PAAAS) solution for on-boarding millions of players to Convergence’s entertainment partners through Video Game Collectable Items on the Blockchain (Crypto Collectables or Non-Fungible Tokens “NFTs”). The revenue stream from the PAE will be used for growth and for further development of the project.

The Silica neXus Project has always been about combining the Consumer Game Industry (the home, mobile, console, PC) with the Out-Of-Home Entertainment Industry (Arcades, Family Entertainment Centers “FECs” and Theme Park Attractions) and breaking down their walled gardens in the process.

Convergence will build its “Player Acquisition Engine” in two stages. Both stages of the “Player Acquisition Engine” are revenue producers for Convergence. Profits from these activities will be reinvested into building the CORE Silica neXus Cross Reality platform and tools for 3rd party developers to expand their content into XR (the SDK and APIs).

Convergence will begin field tests of the PAE in Singapore in early 2019. Once the bugs are worked out of the system, portals will be rolled out to FECs all around the world offering Video Game Collectibles to tens of millions of players every month by the end of 2019.

The Prize neXus is the first stage of Convergence’s “Player Acquisition Engine.” A kiosk in Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) to deliver rare Crypto Collectables (Blockchain Non-Fungible Tokens “NFTs”) to tens of millions of new players a month, and an online marketplace / auction site for players to trade them.

Our projects are more than just vanity projects! Check out how our projects are worth the while.

Think of the Silica neXus Social AR App (S.A.R.A.) like a multi-player Pokémon Go with a purpose to run quests and events in the real-world environment around your town, all tied to the Virtual Universe. This app will know the players next to you and allow for groups to interact cooperatively or as opposing forces.

We don’t expect a downhill fight to get our products into the market, nor do we expect it to be easy once we do.