The Deeper Story

There are forces in the universe that have learned how to connect their world to ours using these portals, and they are plotting their next invasion. You cannot at present enter these wormholes to pass through to the other side; however, utilizing our Aethervision technology and your smartphone you can see them. Using Aetherdroids, you can fight them, and using VR integrated telepresence and an Aetherdrone you can pursue them and bring the fight to their own turf!

It isn’t all about fighting though. Once you join a clan, guild or house, you can stake your claim of the lands we have conquered across the universe. You can operate through political and corporate means to build a new world for you and your companions to explore. But beware; enemies are always looking for a weakness. Once discovered, you will need all of the resources you can muster to hold them at bay. After all, this is a fight to hold onto the lands you have worked so hard obtain, and the treasure you have harvested through blood, sweat and perseverance.

This is the only way we can protect our Earth from the ravages of the Nephilim. These NE as we call them are breaking through the aether of our world. They are using illegal wormhole technologies to damage our magnetosphere, and if they succeed, we could lose our home and everything we care about. It’s the NE vs US. Enter the neXus and defend the Earth!

A little more about the NE. This is not so much a specific alien species as a class of aliens that have formed an alliance against the Counsel of Five (C5). The C5 are an ancient collective of races that founded the laws which bind all sentient and space-faring peoples throughout the known universe. The NE represent the opposition to our goals as we take our first tenuous steps into the greater galactic community. A specific race that has chosen the Earth as the target of their aggression is the Maitre. They are responsible for the current threat to our magnetosphere. Their hatred of our world isn’t entirely without cause; however, from our point of view, we never intended to offend them. This of course is irrelevant. When the Maitre have determined that you are an enemy, it is all but impossible to erase that offense. We won’t be burying the hatchet with them any time soon.