Prize neXus

The Prize neXus (formerly the Redemption Robot)

The Prize neXus is an interactive kiosk designed to attract players in Family Entertainment Centers (FECs). These FEC portals will feature unique eye candy videos highlighting video game assets (NFTs) being offered to players at a rare moment after they have spent their money and when the players HAVE TO make a buying decision with their prize tickets. Once the player owns the NFT, they will need to get the game to play with their new digital toy.

To receive the digital toy, the players must have a digital wallet. Convergence has made receiving both the wallet and the items into one simple QR Code. Major brands in the blockchain space have expressed interest in partnering with Convergence to become the “Wallet of Choice” and gain access to offering this new choice in prizes to over 30M new players a month.

Convergence will begin field tests of the PAE in Singapore in early 2019. Once the bugs are worked out of the system, portals will be rolled out to FECs all around the world offering Video Game Collectibles to tens of millions of players every month by the end of 2019.

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