How Will I Play?


The Silica neXus Virtual Universe is set in the here and now, on the other side of the dimensional veil, allowing for the multi-participant crossover from the area around you, your neighborhood, town, and city, connected to the other side of the universe, millions of light years and thousands of galaxies away. The only way to see and hear what is happening on the other side of the veil is through the telepresence technology given to us by the Mythilaen race—a race of aliens that share our common enemy, the NE.

You control drones and avatars remotely through telepresence. This connection is made possible through the quantum instantaneous connections provided by stable wormhole technologies provided by our allies. To you this technology is disguised as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and standard game console and PC interfaces. This tech not only allows you to move about and interact with the world around you, but to travel from one planet to another, across vast distances in the blink of an eye.

On this side of the wormhole you operate virtual Aethertech in the form of droids, drones, and other ethereal devices. However, our Mythilaen allies have created real alloy and technological systems on our possessed and beachhead worlds and lands. Once you are connected to the other side of a stable wormhole, you take over physical alloy-based drones, vehicles, or even organic cloned bodies of the native peoples on those worlds. This is your Avatar, and if you intend to blend in with the locals; when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Each new region of the universe–each new galaxy, star system, and planet–can be a completely different experience, with its own background, history, technology (or magic), genre, legend, and lore. But your experience, technologies, and credits will be held for you in your personal account so that it can be exchanged and utilized in whatever local economy you are in within the Virtual Universe. This of course presents an opportunity for those who invest their time and treasure in these worlds. The economy of Silica will be an exciting part of the enjoyment of playing the games of that universe. We are certain that this will spin-off value in the form of profit for those that play and create the worlds we play in. But who are we? What kind of team will it take to create something so profound that it could change the way people play and interact in a game universe?