Convergence on the Road, Part 2: Return from CES

Phew! CES 2019 was a whirlwind of insanity but we made it out alive. While we did spend some time looking at some amazing tech, we got so much more from the show.

Oh, yeah: we were able to show off alpha product of our Player Acquisition Engine! It was wonderful to share a working Prize nexus, neXus Trade Binder, and neXus Marketplace with a few important folks.

But aside from that great milestone, what else did we do?

  • We have started the ball rolling on numerous new partnerships. We already have a few under our belt, we will be ready to announce them soon!
  • Walked/rode all over the strip. Seriously: this show was huge!
  • Run for the Unicorns is coming up at the end of April and we spoke to numerous companies and individuals who want to come out. We are looking forward to a great convention and expo.
  • Didn’t get one good night’s sleep. Did I mention CES is a whirlwind?

As we build more partnerships, look for our Droid Token out there in the world. Remember, both Run for the Unicorns tickets and our own Crowdfunding items can be purchased with Droids. Additionally, many partners will also allow you to buy items from them for Droids as well!

More announcements to come, have a great rest of your January!

Silica neXus 2018 Wrap Up

Phew, 2018 has been crazy! We here at Convergence are exhausted from a late year push to get all of our online properties up to date and polished. If you haven’t noticed already, both this page and our Run for the Unicorns site have had a lot of updates, with our Facebook and Convergence of 4 Dimensions sites not far behind.

The push behind this work has been the Redemption Robot coming into focus. Now called the Redemption neXus, this lead in project gets our Droid Tokens out into the world, along with thousands of NFTs, users, and more. We couldn’t be more excited to begin testing first quarter 2019.

Stay tuned here, on our Telegram, or our Facebook pages to stay in the know. We have a lot of travel to do as we bring this project live into the world and we will keep the information flowing continuously from here on out. We also have some super exciting announcements just around the corner, more to come soon!

Convergence on the Road, Part 1

Convergence attended the Washington Elite AI & Blockchain Summit December 1st & 2nd in Washington, DC and had a great time. CEO Andy Prell gave two amazing talks, seen below.  We feel we left the summit with some great opportunities to take advantage of in January as we continue our funding drive.

Thanks to Bruce Porter, Jr. and the rest of the WE team  for being amazing hosts, we look forward to the next summit in February.

Player Acquisition As A Service

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